Transform Your New Brunswick Business with Digital Boost 3.0

Unlock the Power of AI, Automation, and Advanced Strategies

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Digital Boost 3.0 offers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) an unparalleled opportunity to modernize, streamline, and grow more profitably.

Why Choose Digital Boost 3.0?

Our Digital Boost 3.0 solution is designed to help businesses like yours thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Here’s how we make it happen:

Enhanced Customer Experience :
Provide your customers with 24/7 access to services and better online options.

Efficient Operations:
Simplify processes, reduce no-shows, and free up more time for core business activities.

Empowered Teams :
Equip your staff with tools for better customer support and streamlined operations.

Profitable Growth:
Gain better insights and control over your business, leading to increased profitability and scalability.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We’ve met with many vendors over the years, but no one else has created a true working partnership like Scott and his team have.”— Dr. Beverly Huang, ND,
Clinic Director & Co-Creator,
Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine

A Unique Opportunity with Significant Funding

As the only Digital Boost 3.0 approved provider focused exclusively on SMBs across Canada, we’re here to help you harness the power of AI, data, digital and automation, backed by up to $57,890 in non-repayable funding and protect with appropriate cyber-security.

How Digital Boost 3.0 Works:

Phase 1 : Assessment

  • Data Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmap: Evaluate current data infrastructure, devise strategic approaches for optimization, and chart a roadmap for implementation.

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmap: Identify and prioritize risks, outline a roadmap for proactive risk mitigation, ensuring regulatory compliance and protection against cyber threats.

  • AI Potential Use Cases Identification and Readiness Assessment: Identify potential AI applications tailored to your business needs, followed by a readiness assessment for confident implementation.

Phase 2 : Implementation

  • Execute strategies identified in the Assessment Phase, with funding for up to 75% of costs, to a maximum of $20,390.

Meet your Digital Boost 3.0 Lead

Hello, I'm Scott MacIntosh.
I started Second Spring in 2019 to help small business owners like you build confidence and grow your businesses. Since then, we’ve helped over 150 businesses succeed using consulting, marketing and training.
In my 25-year career, I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in Canada on digital transformation. In 2002, I started SwiftRadius, a digital consulting firm. It grew to a team of 50 before Deloitte Consulting bought it in 2015. As a Deloitte partner, I learned a lot about growth and technology and led complex data, digital and cyber projects that form the foundation of AI.Now, at Second Spring, we have gone further by developing skills on the use of AI in Marketing, Sales, Software Development and Operations. My goal is to help you get the prerequisites in place and then experience the benefits of AI, without breaking the bank.Book a complimentary planning session with me and the Second Spring team to learn more and get a simple path forward.

Why Work with Us?

Proven Expertise:
With 25 years of experience, including five years as a Deloitte Consulting partner, Scott MacIntosh has helped numerous brand-name companies streamline and grow using strategic technology solutions.

Local Understanding:
As a repeat business owner in New Brunswick, Scott understands the unique challenges and rewards of building a business in this region.

Tailored Solutions:
We have successfully guided numerous businesses nationwide, improving results with AI and Automation strategies.

Comprehensive Support:
From assessment to implementation, we provide end-to-end support to ensure your business achieves its full potential.

Get Started Today

Confirm Your Eligibility:
Ensure you’re ready to invest in modernizing your business and can cash flow the project during the funding approval cycle.

Book a Complimentary Planning Session:
Discuss how the Digital Boost 3.0 solution can work for you and get answers to your questions.

Qualify for Digital Boost 3.0:
We’ll support you in qualifying for the program and begin working together.

Don’t Miss Out!

This opportunity is very time-sensitive. With only 40 companies across New Brunswick eligible, interest is high. Our team attended the launch on June 3, 2024, and numerous applications have already been submitted. Act fast to secure your spot and improve your business with substantial non-repayable funding.

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